Cultures céréalières Lapointe

The Joint Venture

Cultures céréalières Lapointe

The Lapointe Family has been cultivating farmland for several decades; thanks to Pangea, it has reached an optimal size for Rock Lapointe to take the lead. Pangea gives him access to cutting-edge technology that increases the productivity of his work while making it safer.

Rock has just built a new house that welcomes a fourth Lapointe generation to the family farm.

Rock Lapointe
Rock Lapointe


Cereals and grains grown in 2019

  • Corn Corn
  • Soybean Soybean
  • Wheat Wheat
  • Barley Barley
  • Quinoa Quinoa


Taking the lead with Pangea


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Les cultures M.B.


Martin Brassard and les Cultures MB

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Jérôme Landry and Manon Soucy

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Groupe Duo-Lait


Jean-Pierre Blais, Chantal Roux, Steve Côté and Mélanie Lachance

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