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The Joint Venture

Patrice is a dairy and row crop farmer who worked for eleven years for another farmer. The latter offered to have Patrice take over the farm, because he had no succession and saw in Patrice a farmer who had the dedication to continue his work.

The partnership with Pangea also gave Patrice and Karine the opportunity to continue dairy production. With their share of the profits from the joint venture, they were able to reinvest in the purchase of more advanced technology.

Patrice Garneau and Karine Turgeon
Patrice Garneau and Karine Turgeon


Cereals and grains grown in 2019

  • Soybean Soybean
  • Corn Corn
  • Wheat Wheat
  • Hay Hay
  • Canola Canola


Proud, involved and satisfied partners

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