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Pangea selects farmers, mainly younger ones, whose profiles meet several criteria critical to the success of the future partnership. Farmers also need to demonstrate motivation and skills in agricultural entrepreneurship.

Benefits of Starting a Joint Venture

  • Creation of a joint venture with little to no debt
  • Achievement of an optimal operating size
  • Access to purchasing power on inputs and equipment
  • Access to additional quality farmland

Key Steps for Setting Up a Joint Venture

Become a Farming Partner in 3 steps

  • 1. Initial contact
  • 2. Exchange of information and selection criteria
  • 3. Creation of the Joint Venture

The first step is to fill out the form below to provide Pangea with more information about you and your current operation.

Pangea will review the information provided and will contact you for a meeting designed to evaluate the potential for creating a joint venture.

If favourable, a visit to your farm will be organized.

Exchange Phase (Approx. 8 months)

Once the first contact has been initiated, Pangea and the future farming partner will meet and exchange various information that will enable Pangea to determine the partner’s profile, motivation, and skills as an agricultural entrepreneur.

Pangea favours resolutely entrepreneurial partners who are motivated to build a large-scale company in row crops and have the skills to lead and operate a joint venture.

Business Plan (Approx. 4 months)

A preliminary business plan is also prepared and a complete asset review is done, in addition to assessing the sustainability of the project.

The farming partner will have access to several sources of income distributed throughout the year:

  • A remuneration for field work and specialized work
  • Leasing revenues for renting their farmland to the joint venture
  • Their share of the profits in the joint venture.

Creation of the Joint Venture

After the first two steps – which take approximately one year – the creation of the joint venture can proceed if all criteria are met.

When setting up the joint venture:

  • The farming partner retains full ownership of their farmland
  • The farming partner always has the first choice for the purchase of additional farmland in the area
  • It is the equipment, not the farmland, that is pooled in the joint venture so the farmland can grow to an optimal size of approximately 2500 acres
  • Pangea shares the risk with the farming partner because they are both shareholders of the joint venture.

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