About Pangea

Co-founded by an owner-operator and a renowned entrepreneur, Pangea is an agricultural company that proposes a new model of entrepreneurship, complementary to other models in agriculture.

Our Mission

Create family-owned and profitable joint ventures to develop the agricultural, human, and economic potential of rural areas, while maximizing the benefits for the joint ventures, our farming partners, and their communities, and respecting the environment.

  • Feed communities
  • Support young farmers
  • Improve farmland to make it more productive
  • Generate benefits for rural areas

Our Co-Founders’ Vision

Our Vision

  • Serge Fortin, Owner-operator
  • Charles Sirois, Entrepreneur

As a descendant of a family that has farmed for 300 years, I asked myself how we could provide an alternative that would invigorate the agricultural sector in Quebec and Ontario.

Pangea is this alternative that we propose: a new model of family farm businesses based on entrepreneurship.

With our farming partners, we combine our efforts and pool our equipment and know-how to operate family farms of optimal size that are sustainable and profitable.

Pangea's vision is to propose a new model of agricultural entrepreneurship formed by a network of profitable family-owned joint ventures that can feed communities.

As an entrepreneur by descent and conviction, I firmly believe in entrepreneurship, its values and benefits, just as I believe that no economy can develop without a high number of owners.

That's why at Pangea, we believe in farmers who own their farmland and demonstrate a sense of initiative.

Our farming partners are farming entrepreneurs. They retain 100% ownership of their farmland and are decision-makers in the management and operations of the joint ventures we create together.

I am confident that Pangea’s model will help encourage large farm owners and generate positive benefits in rural areas.

Five priorities for Pangea's development

Our Commitments

  • Support young farmers
  • Prioritize crops for human consumption
  • Generate regional benefits
  • Upgrade farmland
  • Promote responsible and respectful agriculture

We are committed to ensuring that more than 70% of our farming partners are young farmers.

This commitment allows young people to operate a farm business that is not heavily indebted. They retain 100% ownership of their farmland and have the opportunity to acquire new land.

This is how we can create a new generation of successful agricultural entrepreneurs.

Pangea is committed to prioritizing crops that bring value to its farming partners and to Quebec and Ontario in general.

This commitment, which aims to grow quality or even organic food products for human consumption, brings increased profitability so that farmers can live better from agriculture. This element distinguishes Pangea from the traditional agricultural model.

Pangea is committed to purchasing the vast majority of goods (equipment, inputs, construction materials, etc.) needed for its operations locally in rural areas. It also uses local suppliers for the provision of professional services such as lawyers, accountants, and agronomists.

Since 2012, our local purchasing policy has generated more than $37 million in economic spin-offs in the regions where we operate.

Pangea is committed to investing annually to gradually level and drain 100% of its farmland and bring it to its full agronomic potential.

In order to participate in rural revitalisation, Pangea is prioritizing the purchase of farmland that is suitable for row crops and would benefit from improvement initiatives to make it more productive.

Pangea is committed to applying the principles of sustainable development.

First, this is demonstrated in the management of its farmland and its cultural practices through the gradual introduction of sustainable production and a special attention to soil health and quality.

Pangea also promotes harmonious co-existence by respecting projects and actors already present in the community.

Finally, we are committed to using cutting-edge technologies that enable us to better respect the environment.

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Serge Fortin

  • Founder of Fermes Fortin & Daigle in Lanaudière region, Québec
  • Owner-operator whose family has worked in farming for more than 300 years
  • Extensive agricultural expertise as a farm owner and operator using state-of-the-art technolog
  • Experienced manager of large national and international companies

Co-founder and Chairman of the Board

Charles Sirois

  • Founder and Chairman of the Board of Telesystem
  • Chairman, NorthStar Earth and Space
  • Chairman of the Board of the Fondation de l'entrepreneurship, an organization that promotes entrepreneurial culture to ensure the economic and social development of Quebec
  • Founder and Chair of the Board of Enablis Entrepreneurial Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs in developing countries.
  • Former Chair of the Board of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)

Our Team